Why We Love Social Selling

By on February 14, 2015

Why We Love Social Selling

We love holidays at rFactr, and Valentine’s Day is no different. To celebrate Valentine’s Day as a team this year we got together to discuss why we love social selling, and we wanted to share some of our top reasons with you.

Let us know in the comments why YOU love social selling, or by tweeting @rFactr using the hashtag #SocialSelling!

“I fell in love with how social helped me build more meaningful relationships faster with my potential buyers. Understanding the buyer as a real person and not just a name and title is critical when creating a trusted relationship.”

-Richard Brasser, CEO (@richardbrasser)

“I fell in love with Social Selling because it reminds

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Meet Our Newest Team Members

By on December 23, 2014

rFactr has been growing in a lot of ways lately, and one of the most exciting places we’re seeing growth is in our team. Shannon Johnson, VP of National Accounts, recently sat down with two of our newest team members to learn a little more about them and to see what has them most excited about their new roles!

Questions Answered By: Julio Viskovick, VP of Marketing, and Liz Vlasicak, Senior National Account Executive

Follow our newest rFactr Team members on Twitter: @JulioVisko and @LizVlasicak


Question One: Tell us a little about what you were doing at Hootsuite and SPI, respectively, before you joined rFactr.

Julio: I was the global social media educator and social selling evangelist at

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rFactr Lands Top Social Selling Expert Julio Viskovich

By on December 16, 2014

Julio ViskovichWe are excited to welcome Julio Viskovich, one of the world’s foremost Social Selling Experts, to the rFactr Team this week! To read more about our new Vice President of Marketing and how he fits into our company, check out the press release below:

rFactr announced today that Julio Viskovich has joined the company to increase its exposure in the marketplace and to further develop its growing portfolio of national accounts. Julio comes with a wealth of experience in social selling, and a deep understanding of the market. Having spent the last seven years building an impressive background in the industry at companies like Hootsuite and Microsoft, Julio has emerged as one of the

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Quick Tips for Curating Social Selling Content

By on December 10, 2014 sharing is an indisputably important part of the social selling process, but it can be difficult to create the amount of content you need to generate successful conversations on social. These tips will guide you in developing and managing a content curation process that helps limit the amount of original content you need to create.

1. Use Reputable Sources
Knowing where to find great content can be a struggle, so ease the process for yourself by leveraging reputable sources that you know you can trust. This may include your company’s social accounts, thought leaders, well-known publications in your industry, and partners of your company.

2. Personalize Content By Network
It may be true that your audiences on both Twitter and LinkedIn are interested in

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rFactr Launches National Moneyball Campaign on Front Page of The Wall Street Journal

By on December 1, 2014

rFactr Wall Street JournalOn Wednesday, November 19th, rFactr announced its position as the leader in creating measurable sales results through social with a Moneyball advertisement on the front page of The Wall Street Journal. The campaign focuses on rFactr’s proven track record of driving tangible sales results and delivering measurable social media ROI.

Moneyball,” said Richard Brasser, rFactr CEO, “is the technology of fielding a winning team with B and C players, essentially undervalued assets, by giving them a push-button way to seamlessly interface social media with their CRM system.

“Companies without a means of mining and delivering ROI from social media are at a distinct disadvantage. Once a company has a true enterprise-class system for social, they can

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rFactr Teams with Marketo Marketing Nation

By on November 20, 2014

rfactr-logoWe are excited to join Marketo Marketing Nation! Check out this press release to learn about our presence on Launchpoint and why Marketo fits our marketing needs. 

November 17, 2014 – Marketo, the leading provider of engagement marketing software and solutions, today announced that rFactr, the leader in social sales software, has selected Marketo’s engagement marketing platform and joined Marketo’s LaunchPoint ecosystem, the industry’s most complete ecosystem of marketing solutions.

rFactr needed a powerful solution to integrate seamlessly with its existing CRM solution, score content and increase marketing’s contribution to the sales pipeline while reducing time spent on immature leads. With Marketo, rFactr is also able to track every interaction across multiple channels and create truly personal relationships with

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4 Tips for Implementing a Successful Social Sales Program

By on November 11, 2014

Launching A Successful Social Sales ProgramLaunching a social selling program may seem daunting, but you can increase your company’s odds of launching a successful program by leveraging best practices from inception. Below are some tips that we at rFactr are proud to implement in each of our program launches.

Start at the top.

As with most initiatives, in order to for a social selling program to be successful companies must find a way to get key stakeholders on board from the beginning. Receiving endorsements from VP’s of sales and marketing will place your program in a positive light, increasing the likelihood of excitement and adoption in end users.

Early acceptance of the program from top sales performers can also lead to useful

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10 Ways to Improve Social Engagement Today

By on October 1, 2014

Social media is a great tool for marketing and sales, but it can take a while to build rapport with your audience and to grow an actively engaged social following. And who has the patience or time for that? The infographic below includes ten actions you can take today to improve your social engagement quickly and painlessly.

10 Ways to Improve Social Engagement Today1. Update Your Social Media Profiles

You never know what will act as the catalyst for gaining your next valuable connection or prospect, so keep your job title, location, links to third party websites, and picture as current as possible.

2. Increase Thought Leadership

Information on Twitter moves fast. Scheduling content to post to your profile throughout the day will save

The Role of Social for Inside Sales Teams

By on September 3, 2014

Learn more about AA-ISP Boston

The sales force is undergoing major changes. Customers are more connected to information than ever before, and many companies are struggling to adapt to a sales process that is largely completed before the sales rep can connect with the consumer. How can insides sales teams overcome this shift and take control of the sale? The answer is simple: Social Sales.

rFactr and Force Management understand the pressure inside sales teams are facing in reaching the connected buyer, and agree that including social in the sales process enables a sales team to meet this challenge in a way that drives measurable results. Employing social selling tools and a proven social sales strategy enables sellers

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How To Get Out Of A Social Sales Rut

By on April 9, 2014

Even the most seasoned social sellers hit a wall sometimes. Much like the traditional sales process, social selling has its ups and downs, and occasionally you may find yourself feeling as though you’re stuck in a social selling rut. But don’t despair! Use these LinkedIn-specific tips to generate new leads or to invigorate old ones.

1.    Update Your Profile

Have you recently received new responsibilities that aren’t reflected on your LinkedIn profile? Add them! And while you’re at it, look at other areas of your profile that can always use a quick refresh such as your skills and expertise, summary and professional portfolio. Keep in mind that when you update your profile your network is notified, giving other users a reason to check out your page and interact with you.

2.    Reconnect

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