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Increase your reach, engagement and amplification.

Experienced marketers know that trust is shifting away from corporate messaging to peers and employees. Paid and owned media are taking a back seat to earned media and activating your employees is like finding a gold mine.

Never mind the fact that the reach and amplification of your message will get multiplied, the real magic happens after the click. Have your employee advocates share content on behalf of the brand increase the activity on content up to 10X.


How It Helps Your Business:

  • Extend the reach of your message
  • Tap into the trusted networks of your advocates
  • Decrease paid media spend
  • Increase desired behavior (clicks/signups/etc)
  • Positively impact SEO with social signals

How It Helps Your Employees:

  • Empower employees with new skills
  • Help them build their personal brands
  • Internal rewards and recognition


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