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Greg Gentner

Greg Gentner




Excellent leadership skills with expertise in sales enablement, social media marketing, social media software, financial analysis, national sales management, organizational development, employee development, risk management, business data analytics, and business operations growth.

Greg Gentner is the Chief Operating Officer at rFactr. He is a passionate business executive and leader who is responsible for the successful activation and deployment of Enterprise Social Communication Software solutions (rFactr SocialPort™) for their clients. His wealth of experience has helped him become one of the leading experts in social content strategy and in the operational aspects of Enterprise Social Communication. Having worked with some of the world’s leading brands, he understands and can communicate the essential steps for creating strategies that align directly with overall company business objectives, and more importantly make sure that each successful implementation provides tangible results.

He enjoys being a leader and executive in his community and actively participates in Entrepreneurial and Technology groups, including activities at Packard Place Charlotte, Entrepreneurial Leadership Circle of Charlotte, and TechBreakfast CLT. He was awarded the 2009 Business Leaders – “Mover and Shaker Award” and has been a distinguished speaker at events like AA-ISP, Selling Power Sales 2.0, Champions Tour Tournament Association of the PGA, Healthcare Association of Michigan, and various educational and student workshops around the country.

He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and three daughters. He is actively involved with his church, his family, his children, their school, and in the community. He is a software and technology entrepreneur who enjoys the amazing process of building and growing a company, and sharing this experience with others.