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Increase Sales Team Productivity + Operationalize High Value Activities

rFactr helps you scale productivity across your sales organization by operationalizing revenue-first behavior. SocialPort promotes high-impact social selling activities designed to optimize impact the sales process and accelerate sales cycles.

How We Help:

  • More effective interactions with buyers on social and digital channels
  • Defined and consistent social presence and activity cadence for sales organization
  • Increased access to real time competitive data leads to proactive sales activity
  • Ability to attribute social selling activities to revenue in CRM

How We Measure:

  • Increased # of qualified leads, opportunities, pipeline, revenue
  • Increased velocity of opportunities in pipeline / shorter sales cycles
  • Increased quota attainment and sales team retention
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness of revenue driving behaviors
  • Ability to qualify out low value leads and work more deals

What You Get:

  • Market expertise and platform to drive social selling best practices
  • Proven mechanism to train and drive effective use and adoption of software
  • Solution that integrates with existing tools and processes
  • Software that provides visibility into which social sales activities move the needle
  • Software with the ability to segment, manage, and distribute social content for multiple user groups/types


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We help some of the most successful sales organizations across the globe do social selling right. Feel free to contact us and we will do everything we can to respond quickly.