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Get The Most Mileage From Your Marketing Assets

Marketers are limited on how they can maximize their assets. GrowthPlay utilized SocialPort to recycle marketing content and create a consistent buzz to each of their assets and landing pages. This led to doubling inbound leads and an additional net new revenue of $1.3M.

How We Help:

  • Ability to distribute strategic corporate and 3rd party industry content to sales
  • Ability to track effectiveness of content
  • Streamlined compliant tools with oversight and revenue attribution measurement and tracking
  • Ability to track marketing’s contribution to revenue
  • Alignment between marketing and sales

How We Measure:

  • Increased volume of quality inbound leads
  • Increased content reach and amplification
  • Efficient marketing operations and spend (fewer tools)
  • Increased lead flow with lower CAC
  • Improve individual reputation to elevate brand with the digital buyer

What You Get:

  • Centralized repository of targeted, compliant content segmented for appropriate company resources
  • Measurement of content distribution and social engagement in the sales process – by rep/region/BU
  • Ability to integrate and track success with existing marketing and CRM platforms
  • Efficient distribution and amplification mechanism
  • Scalable way to transfer tribal knowledge (Social sales training program)


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