Powering Social Sales for Microsoft Partners

Let rFactr power your sales team to connect with prospects early in the buying cycle through SocialPort™ for Microsoft Partners. Our social sales program helps increase sales by providing Microsoft Partners with industry-relevant content optimized for lead generation.


Social Sales Platform

SocialPort™ for Microsoft Partners enables your sales team to quickly and easily publish provided content to social networks, delivering immediate lead generation results without detracting from core selling activities.

Connect with Prospects

SocialPort™ for Microsoft Partners allows your sales team to connect with and nurture leads through a robust social network-management platform, proven to help the average sales person achieve an 11.4% increase in quota retirement.

Data and Analytics

SocialPort™ for Microsoft Partners provides user-specific reporting dashboards that enable sales reps to track the effectiveness of their social sales activities and that allow sales leadership to measure response and return for social activities.

Social Accelerator™

Our Social Accelerator™ Program is proven to enhance Microsoft Partner performance and drive tangible results through the SocialPort™ for Microsoft Partners by providing:

  • Access to social sales training
  • Various forms of content to educate sellers
  • Social profile optimization
  • Daily tips, tricks and techniques
  • Social selling strategy and best practices
  • Growth of network and social footprint

Microsoft Social Content

Microsoft industry-relevant social content is provided for Microsoft Partners to easily use and enhance their engagement with prospective customers, making it easier to build relationships and close sales.

Optimized For Social Posting: SocialPort™ for Microsoft Partners content is developed to be shared on social networks such as LinkedIn, Wordpress, Twitter and Facebook, simplifying the social process for the Microsoft Partner.

Focused On Social Growth: Microsoft Partners will have access to content that is written with the specific goal of helping social sellers grow their social media presence and network size.