rFactr — Commanding Social Business

rFactr — Commanding Social Business

rFactr provides social business solutions that create positive and measurable outcomes for enterprise clients. These tools empower your front line reps and amplify sales activities while providing valuable intelligence and insights across the social ecosystem. In all, we help companies command their entire social media presence while protecting the value of their brand.

Our solution set not only provides the tools to extend and manage all of your organizations social activity, but also delivers clear metrics and analytics to visualize actionable patterns that quantify the benefits of social activity. The end result is a process that fits with today’s buying behavior and increases demand, leads, and sales conversations.

The rFactr equation is simple. “r” = the collection of business outcomes that need to happen in order for a program to be viewed as highly successful. We focus on the “results” and deliver “reliable” value.


Our tools harness the power of social media and provide the capability to allow your brand advocates to join the social conversation. With the ability to manage hundreds of thousands of users, we offer the only truly scalable business infrastructure technology for connecting all of the voices in your enterprise.


We are not only a more effective tool to conduct multi-channel social marketing. We provide a turnkey way for you to manage social communication at the enterprise level, allowing your entire company to become brand ambassadors and social sales agents. This leads to the empowerment of a coordinated voice singing the praises of your company and generates a significant and immediate value creation. This isn’t fuzzy social marketing… this is quantifiable social results.


We provide a unique toolset for your entire enterprise. At our core, our solutions help organizations to distribute and manage social content across the entire organization. We empower even the most inexperienced social media user with tools, content, and best-in-breed services to help them easily become an effective social marketer and successful social seller.


rFactr believes that measuring the impact of your efforts is key indicator of success. Figuring out what is working and what isn’t depends on the ability to identify successful patterns of social activity that lead to sales. Our technology enables you to identify patterns that can then be repeated and replicated leading to higher results with greater accountability.


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